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    “They are known by many names. Inflatable dolls, love dolls, blowup dolls, dohms, rubber dolls, sex dolls, whatever name you call them, they still feel the same. You can do many different things with them for maximum stimulation and enjoyment. You can fill them with helium, air, warm water, pudding, sprayfoam insulation, or jello. One crazy fantasy idea is to fill them with warm water and enjoy them in your pool with a cute bathing suit on her for more realism. You can paste a wig on her head and paste a picture of Pamela Anderson on her face. She is always nice and tight. Any hole will do. She costs anywhere from free to thousands of dollars. She is always in the mood. Another great feature is the built in air conditioner when you just fucked her for an hour and you’re hot and exhausted just flip her over and unplug the hole. Feel the nice cool air blow in your face. Ah, now that’s living.” —

Table of Contents

most popular items

    The following are the twenty most popular dolls, based on the number of visitors per page. This list does not include recently added pages.

  1. Real Dolls
  2. Chasey Lane Inflatable Fantasy Playmate
  3. Perfect 10 Deluxe Fantasy Love Doll
  4. Latex Lady
  5. Letha Weapons
  6. Alexa’s Essensual Elements Vibrating Love Doll
  7. Cyber Chic Life Size Sex Doll
  8. Spread Eagle Doll
  9. Hartley, Nina Love Doll
  10. Rayvenes Love Doll
  11. Stephanie Swift’s Wicked Vibrating Love Doll
  12. Anna Malle Kneeling Doll
  13. Lorissa Love Doll
  14. Canyon, Christy, Realistic Doll
  15. Asia Carrera Love Doll
  16. Alicia Rio Love Doll
  17. Jill Kelly Sensual Suction Sex Doll
  18. Smart Ass Love-Doll
  19. Chinese Sex Girl
  20. Nasty Boy Erotic Doll

cleaning dolls

    “Wash thoroughly with novelty cleaner and warm water before and after each use. Do not immerse vibrators in water.” —College Co-ed Doll box cover

    “You can use soap and water to clean the dolls.” —Convergence Inc: Love Doll FAQ

    “Wash before and after each use. Do not get battery end of vibrator wet. DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER. … Remove batteries when not in use. ALWAYS USE A RUBBER COMPATIBLE LUBRICANT WITH THIS PRODUCT FOR MAXIMUM PLEASURE.” —Lorissa Love Doll box cover


    In order to protect and maintain your new Futurotic™ product, follow the steps below after each use:

Lorissa Love Doll box cover

    One suggestion is to use condoms with your doll to make clean up easier. —“Someone else”; E-Mail; August 20, 1998

sharing dolls

    “Do not share with other sexual partners. Help to prevent sexually transmitted diseases through the use of condoms, sexual education, proper judgement, and rigorous, diligent care.” —Lorissa Love Doll box cover

repairing dolls

    Real Doll: “Despite the company’s insistence that the silicone rubber is tough and resists tearing, it does not always do so (resist tearing). Even with care, my doll began to tear around the thighs on either side of the pubis. So, I believe that most doll owners will wind up repairing their dolls some time or another. Also I advise getting a repair kit when you can. A tear is going to happen. The company advises you to store the doll with the legs open, say 2 feet at the knees. This I did (actually over 2 feet). Supposedly that was to keep the rubber at the pubis from folding too much and weakening. Well, after I complained to the company, they told me I stored the legs too far apart. Now that got me alittle confused. So, get a repair kit. That’s all.” —i431185; E-Mail; October 28, 2000

    Vinyl Dolls: “A pool repair patch kit made by Plastimayd is what I have used to fix an inflatable pool animal swim ring when I had to cut off the head and neck of the pool toy because of a split seam on the head but I didn’t want to throw it away so I put a huge patch over the large hole it left behind and made just a regular swim ring out of it. The large patch held as good as new. Kit is available at most swimming pool supply stores.” —Mark; E-Mail; March 13, 1999

    If you have any advice or experience about repairing love dolls, including specific adhesives that work well, contact

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