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Hitachi Magic Wand

picture of Hitachi Magic Wand copyright © Toys in Babeland. Used by permission.
Hitachi Magic Wand
U.S. $49.95 Libida
U.S. $50.00 Toys in Babeland


    “*As featured on HBO’s Sex and the City and Arliss! You say vibrator, we say Hitachi: the #1 selling vibrator, the one that legions of women have stashed under their beds, the cream of the vibrating crop. It delivers strong, reliable vibrations to the clitoris (it’s not designed for insertion), its long arm can be positioned easily between partners or used comfortably alone, and it lasts for years. Snap on the for internal vibrations and to tickle your G-spot, or use it on your clitoris for more focused stimulation. If you like your vibrators small, quiet, gentle, and portable (the Hitachi requires a wall socket), this probably isn’t the vibrator for you. It’s so popular that…Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Two speed, plastic 12" x 2-1/2"” —Libida

    “Known as “the cadillac of vibrators”, this is perhaps the world’s most popular vibrating toy. Its strong vibration makes it an unfailing friend in masturbation, and its symmetrical shape makes it a natural for partnered, face-to-face fun. For penetration options, check out the G-Whiz, the G-spotter and the Wonderwand attachments. 2 speeds, spongy head. 12" long, head 2-1/2" in diameter.” —Toys in Babeland

    “If you are looking for vaginal stimulation, there are many vibes to choose from. … You can also purchase attachments for the Wahl 7-in-1 and the Hitachi Magic Wand that transform those into penetrative partners. Penetration without vibration can also be great: check out the dildos if that sounds good to you!” —Erin Doherty from Toys in Babeland

    Color: white

    Material: plastic (spongy head)

    Batteries Required: no (wall electricity power)

    Manufacturer: Hitachi


    Attachments: G Cap, Gee Whiz, Wonderwand

G-Spotter   Gee Whiz   Wonderwand

G Cap Gee Whiz
G-Cap Gee Whiz

feedback comments

picture of Hitachi Magic Wand copyright © Libida. Used by permission.

    “Libida Review: Why has this particular toy earned such a loyal following? First there’s the design: The soft, tennis ball-sized head spreads out the vibrations over the vulva, a sensation many women prefer to the super-focused clit stimulation offered by many vibrators. Then there’s the vibration itself: It’s strong — in fact, the low speed is enough for most folks. Add versatility to the Hitachi’s charms: The long handle makes it easy to maneuver between partners during penetration, and more comfortable for solo sex — it’s just as easy to lie on top of it as it is to rest it on your genitals. Its length also makes it a great vibrator for people with limited mobility. Finally, since Hitachi makes it, it’s backed by quality workmanship and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, so your buzz will last a long, long time.” —Libida

    “When I got my first magic wand at age 20, it changed my life. I rushed home with it and had my first orgasm ever. I kept going and spent the next few months working off all that adolescent sexual energy that had been bottled up so long. I emerged much happier, more relaxed, and more confident in my sexuality. I’m now on wand #3 (13 years later) and it’s still my favorite sex toy.” —Rachel, quoted at Toys in Babeland

    “My girlfriend requires a little help when achieving her orgasms. The Magic Wand is our new best friend. She used other “plug in” vibrators in the past, but this one puts all the others to shame. This really is the best of the best.” —Moe Jo, quoted at Toys in Babeland

    “Okay. Here is the story. I didn’t really get the vibrator thing until a friend bought me this vibrator. I had one before, but it was battery operated and didn’t do a thing for me. But the Hitachi Wand is really something else. It vibrates like a floor sander, so if you have never had an orgasm before, you will when you use this.” —Belva, quoted at Toys in Babeland

    “The name says it all; I have owned this beauty for 11 years, no kidding. The time has come to order a new one. It shocks me 11 years have passed and still going strong. This is the vibrator of choice. Ride the wave.” —Alison, quoted at Toys in Babeland

    “I spent a long time teaching my muscles and nerves how to work again after the abuse; my love used to joke about wishing we had a “magic wand” that could make me all better. My love bought me the Hitatchi on our first trip to Toys together. It wasn’t magic or instant bliss, it took work and time, but the Hitatchi gave me a chance to be *selfish* beyond the limits of tired hands and boredom. I needed that. I still do, and battered, loud, and proud that same years-old wand is still going strong. I like toys; actually, I love toys, but this one… this one changed my life.” —Treebyleaf, quoted at Toys in Babeland

    “WOW! BEST orgasm Tina has ever enjoyed. We got the magic wand as a wedding gift from a wise friend. We are on our 4th unit; great forplay and mutual enjoyment! Try touching the male pelvis (on low) while receiving oral sex for outstanding effect!” —John and Tina, quoted at Toys in Babeland

    “I bought the Hitachi Magic Wand after my niece recommended it. I wanted some solo enjoyment and as a mature woman I’d tried lots of toys over the years. The Magic Wand is dynamite!! As a perimenopausal woman, my sexuality has returned to an adolescent intensity. The Magic Wand definately meets my needs. I recommend it to any woman who has a hearty sex drive.” —Kay, quoted at Toys in Babeland

    “This vibe is great! After years of frustration with low batteries, sharp edges, and short-lived products; the Magic Wand is a ‘Goddess send.’ I have had four of them. Each has lasted over two years of insatiable use. It will last the average user far longer! Like ten years! Strong, smooth, satisfying!” —Jaye, quoted at Toys in Babeland

    “I can’t tell you how PLEASED I was to locate this new toy. I had purchased one many years thru a state fair, used it to the high heavens and have been looking EVERYWHERE for a replacement. I got it for half, through them [Toys in Babeland], what I paid for my 1st one in 1990ish. Excellent for massages, as well as other special treats. I highly recommend it to anyone who isn’t getting “enough” of whatever it takes to fill your needs!!!!” —KL, quoted at Toys in Babeland

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    U.S. $49.95 Libida

    U.S. $50.00 Toys in Babeland

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This web page is about the Hitachi Magic Wand.

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